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    You'll find many attractive members on the site. Lots of members use video chat, so not only can you type back and forth, but you can actually see who you are talking with. This is one of the most popular sites with our users. The feedback we hear is that because they have one of the largest member bases, there always seems to be someone to chat with. Rememeber, be careful, there are risks involved in chatting online, so use your best judgement!

    Dating & Chat Rooms - What Kinds of Chats are There?
    Is it true? Can True®, the online dating & chat site, really help you to find someone to love forever? Or, is it just offering something that everyone else offers, a place to post your picture, put yourself out there, in hopes that you find one person that is attractive in the community. The True® online dating community is one that provides a variety of benefits for those who are looking for love.

    Finding Your Match

    The major question that you want to be asking before signing up to any online dating site is whether they have the ability to offer you specific tools that will provide you with insights on someone that you desire to meet.’s online dating community was able to provide several ways to make sure that you find those who your personality will click with, before you decide if they can be one for true love.

    True first offers the ability to create a free online profile. This is the typical online dating profile, which includes a person’s picture, interests, hobbies and what they are looking for. One of the benefits that most find on True, is that the questions are not limited to general information. You have the ability to bring out your unique personality on this site.

    True also goes one step beyond this. They allow all of the members to take two different tests. The first of these is a relationship compatibility test, divided into personality types. The second is the “Sexploration®.” After a set of questions, both of these tests will provide what type of personality you are, and will link you with others who have similar personalities, rated by different levels of compatibility. True® also has links to rate things such as the similarities in relationship ideas, cultural concepts and has a special place for single parents.

    Offering You Safety

    True® offers the ability to check and investigate the people that you are meeting with. This means that they will use part of the membership fee in order to ensure that the people you are meeting are genuine in saying who they are. Most of the felons or married individuals are taken out of the picture before they ever get in. However, this does not include a background check and do not let you search to see who a person is because of the security issues associated with this from the site.

    Online Tools

    One of the other abilities that True® has put onto their site is a link to. This allows individuals to take any number of steps in order to begin getting to know someone. The first level is the ‘wink,’ which members can simply let another know that they are interested in them. The second is either an e-mail that you will receive, or the ability to chat. True® has also offered an online dating area. If you want your first date to be one that is safer, you can begin on their site.

    If you want more information about what you want to be doing, you can go to the articles and tips that True® offers. If you are still unsure, True® has a space that will offer you coaching to make sure that the individuals you are meeting, as well as the steps that you are taking, are able to give you the best experiences on the site.

    True® is known, through the psychology testing as well as the dating experiences, to be a great place to meet individuals. With the several options that they have for your online dating experience is the ability for you to find true love.

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